Warning: The following work contains descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between male and female adults. While not erotica per se, it is intended for adult readers only.
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Prince Nicholas of Adriel falls hard for Skye Williams, the mysterious innocent who dares to refuse his royal name.

The second in the series revisiting the Royal Family of Adriel, The Princess of the Wild takes place 25 years later, the adventures of alias Skye Williams, a mysterious beauty caught up in a tempestuous romance with Prince Nicholas, Sarra and Raine’s firstborn son.

From their illustrious beginning in a Kalcoonian brothel—Nicholas, a wayward rogue incognito to protect his stellar name, and Skye, the innocent prey of an alien slave trade—are drawn into their undeniable passion, she a natural vagabond of the wilds and he a jaded master of the world. Their reluctant attraction locks them in a fierce battle of wits, both headstrong and free spirited—and fearing the ravages of true love.

Swept off into the lush utopia where they explore their fiery sensuality…into the crusade exposing the slave trade…to the perilous intrigue of her late father’s name, their affection deepens…but their unique bond breaks asunder as she uncovers his shocking identity, commoner Skye the fool in his deception.  Nicholas’ heart is true…and within the splendor of Queen’s Palace, it’s her exquisite journey to discover that he really is her noble prince charming—is she destined to become his princess?

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The Princess of the Wild (The Royals of Adriel, #2)

The Princess of the Wild Reviews

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the wonderful people who took the time to read and review my books.

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Skye the main character in this story is just trying to figure out what happened to her so called perfect life after her world, unlike those now around her, was ripped from her because her father decided she needed a normal life. She could not have imagined the next few months. She had no clue how different her world was from what it was going to be. Skye is by no means stupid or naive but she was innocent. The author brings out her innocence in this book. The royal prince is just trying to lead a somewhat normal life without his name being in the midst of his everyday, though his morals do get a bit immoral to say the least he now has to prove himself in many ways. This is not a kids book it does include numerous love scenes a bit innocent compared to what i have read recently but still very hot!!! won on library thing for review.

I did like this novel, but it was a little different than the first. For fans of erotic fiction we got down to business far faster than I would have liked. In that sense there was not the same build up in the relationship between Skye and Nicholas. Nicholas is the son of Sarra and Nick in the first book and I liked the idea of the lapse of time and the fact that the story was taken forward through a male relation. There is not such a difference in age time with Skye being 18 and Nicholas in his 20's. However there are still the same physical stereotypes. I have read that you can use clichés where they enhance the story, but are they necessary and is this really what readers of erotic fiction expect?

The story is mainly concerned with the relationship between Skye and Nicholas and how he has to stop her constantly running away, plagued by insecurity and doubt. The idea of a slave trade between the worlds of Adriel and the Trobins home planet is not really fully dealt with and this is a shame as it would have made a really interesting storyline. Equally the back story of the man who killed Skye's father is a fascinating insight to her past and how she came to be on Adriel.

I like the language used and the atmosphere it creates, as well as the fact that there was more of a sci-fi element in this book with a more prominent position for the Trobins. For me I would like to see more depth of character and situation and less eroticism, but this depends on the market you are trying to appeal to. After all, my books don't sell as well as 50 Shades of Grey.

This is a hot sifi that will melt your phone! I hope this series will go on. Let others know about this book and the prequel, please!

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