The stars have always fascinated me. When I look up at their bright sparkle, I see just how vast our universe is, filled with billions of suns and moons and planets—and that’s just our Milky Way Galaxy alone—and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies out there! And whether spiral, elliptical, or irregular, I believe every one of them is teeming with life—there are, no doubt, other planets similar to ours, and mysteries of unfathomable magnitude. I think of how nice it would be to have the technology to go out there. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a time when space flight between the stars is possible?

But, we don’t. Yet…

Lorelei Orion

That’s why I love Science Fiction. And, I’ve always loved the charming qualities of Romance. It’s natural to blend the two. When I write, I get to sail the celestial seas and experience the spirits of my characters who live in my imagination—their trials, their struggles. It’s the thrill, the excitement, and their emotional journey into the soul … with a warm caress, a flirtatious smile, a stolen kiss … the fiery passion … I get to live in another age, and explore strange, new worlds…

To put it simply, I love to write. It always makes my day a hopeful adventure, being one who believes that, with the future, the possibilities are endless.

Why I Write Science Fiction Romance

I have been asked why I choose to write Science Fiction Romance. It might be considered a strange story...

When I read Kathleen E. Woodiwess's The Flame and The Flower back in 1977, at the age of 15, I was awestruck. The romance between Heather Simmons and Brandon Birmingham was of a like that I had never before seen. That was it—I had found my calling! I had always loved to read and write as long as I can remember, but I decided right then that I wanted to pursue writing as a profession. Sadly, Kathleen is no longer with us, but her legacy lives on. The Flame and The Flower was the first Historical Romance of today's genre, and her great talent has been the inspiration for many authors.

But, being so deeply captivated also by Science Fiction, what I wanted to write was what I called Science Fiction Love Stories. But, in 1977, there really weren't any like that on the market. There was no such genre. They would be very difficult to publish.

So, to be sensible, I set out in learning the craft by creating Historical Romance novels, which is another passion of mine, and the tried and true. I didn't have much time for it, though, and as I grew older, the demands of my life kept it as a part time venture. I did manage to produce a few historicals that today are still tucked away on a shelf. I've thought about resurrecting those beloved characters of mine someday, but for now, all of my energies are for my Sarra...

Inspiration for Sarra, for Queen of the Stars, came to me in the oddest way, back in 1992. I was walking into my bedroom—it was just a normal day—when it was as though a lightning bolt struck me. Floodgates opened in my mind, and here was a brand new exciting story to embark on. I remember thinking, "Wow! That sounds like fun!" So, I canceled my plans for the day, put on my swimsuit, and went out sunning in the yard. I plotted out the entire story in a couple of hours. It took me over a year to write it, of course, but it was the most thrilling and fulfilling work I had ever done.

Around that time, my life went off in another direction, and I took an incredibly long hiatus from writing. Queen of the Stars sat on a shelf for almost 20 years. But recently, new floodgates in my mind have opened. I had always wanted to write a sequel to Queen of the Stars, and have had the wonderful pleasure to discover that this is a series, The Royals of Adriel. I get to revisit my beloved Sarra and Raine, and journey into their dynamic offsprings' romantic adventures. Life is good! I'm back to my writing—and I'm never going to leave it, again!

So, why do I write Science Fiction Romance? Because it's a blending of two genres that I deeply love. Science Fiction Romance, what I called 'Science Fiction Love Stories' is now a genre, one that's getting more popular every day. A lot has happened since 1977! Back when I started, there wasn't an Internet or even our ever-present cell phones—the stuff once of Science Fiction that we take for granted, today. What's next?

To sum it up, when I'm writing, my day is always a bright adventure, leading me onward into the possibilities of the future—which are, after all, endless.

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